UNDEAD: What Lies Beneath

UNDEAD: Abominations Haunted House is co-located with The 13th Floor

The rumors and conspiracy theories are true. You are sure of it. You’ve heard about the subterranean labs deep beneath the hum drum surface of River North—the experiments, the mutations and the discarded bodies that are buried there far below the businesses and condos we see today. But there is no rest for the “Undead”; quite the contrary. Many of the subjects were experimented on and survived the now-abandoned lab and the mutations continued under the watchful eye of guards and quasi-scientists... until something unthinkable emerged from the bowels of the earth... an “Abomination”. Indeed, the walking corpses that now terrorize the deep dark passageways and nooks of the underground have begun to find their way out. Will your group make it through unscathed or will the Undead: Abomination take some of you for their ranks?

Denver’s newest haunted house, an interactive experience like nothing seen before.  This haunted house was built on scale as an interactive and immersive experience, see how your nerves would fair as swarms of zombies and undead creatures surround your place of refuge, and force you to find shelter inside the various buildings and ultimately, escape to freedom.


The UNDEAD: Abominations Haunted House is located just north of Lower Downtown (LoDo) Denver at I-70 and Brighton Blvd, one block south of the Denver Coliseum and just minutes from Coors Field.

The A Line drops you off at 38th & Blake Station, only an 8 minute walk. It's only a two mile cab ride from Larimer Square to the 13th Floor! There are plenty of nearby dining options in all price ranges.

Get Your Friends and GET SCARED!

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